Nozzteq - sewer nozzles, cleaning nozzles, sewer jets

NozzTeq� is first and foremost a problem solver and systems supplier. Throughout the years in cooperation NozzTeq� has created a number of new sewer and drain cleaning products, some so unique that they have been patented. Over time, those same products have become an obvious choice for everyone who works with water jetting and pipe cleaning. Yesterday�s innovations from NozzTeq� are taken for granted today. They are continually creating new sewer cleaning products which in the same self-evident way to make life easier for our customers.

Jaws Sewer Nozzle

Lumberjack Cutter

BL Swiper Sewer Nozzle

Ice Bear Sewer Nozzle

C-Ray Nozzle

Hammerhead Nozzle

Orca Nozzle